the man behind the label

“If you want something in this life, you have to work for it and go get it. There’s no free rides. By the sweat of a mans brow shall he prosper.”


“God and Family is everything. Nothing counts more on this earth more than your own blood. We get one shot in this life to do something that stands firm for your family name. I’ve always figured when I leave this world, I want the ones who come after me to feel good about what I’ve done with this life.”

Country Music

“I’ve always enjoyed singing. As a kid I grew up wondering what it would be like one day to sing like Hank Williams Jr. and Johnny Cash. Country music was a big part of my life growing up in the Country because we didn’t have a whole lot. I never expected to be making my own music but I was blessed with the opportunity to record an album, and the rest is history!”

Whiskey heritage

“Making Whiskey was something that always came natural in my Family. Some of them did it to survive. For me it is my Heritage. It’s about taking something people in my Bloodline did to get by and turning it into a Legacy. This world constantly changes but our History remains the same. We should never be ashamed of where we come from, it’s what makes us who we are.”

~ Tyler Wood


TV personality


Tyler Wood has been a cast member of the Reality TV Show “Moonshiners”, taking viewers to the Backwoods, showing the History, Traditions and Generations of Experience Making Moonshine. Tyler’s long Family Heritage in the Craft positioned him as a Lead Cast Member of the Show. Realising the need to carry his Family Tradition forward, Tyler began the Journey of Building The Wood Family Legacy. Tyler Wood Distilling Company is born.

Tyler's exposure on National Television, Radio and Music has allowed him to grow his Brand presence in ways that others can not. He is highly recognizable and actively organizes Celebrity Meet & Greets, Autograph Signings, with CD and Merchandise Social Media promotions.

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